Media Releases
Saturday June 23, 2018
The Comrades Marathon App has been Launched!!!


A long-term outreach project between the CMA and the Department of Arts and Culture and various other museums recently paid a visit to Peter Pan, a school for learners who are differently abled. The visit was met with much excitement and interest from all the children.

Time was spent talking about the Comrades Marathon, as well as the importance of hobbies and exercise. The grade 5 to grade 7 students also got to experience a broad spectrum of smaller exhibits from the Departments collection ranging from entomology to scale models. The Jabu Ndlovu Foundations office manager, Cindy Mlaba, spoke positively about career guidance and what to expect in the futures of the students. She explained the opportunities for vocational training through the work her foundation is involved in.

The project is a collaboration among five institutions together with the Department and centres its activities on providing a mobile museum experience that can be set up in any environment.  Visits are focused on schools that don’t have the capacity to transport their students to the various museums based in Pietermaritzburg and has been bringing mobile exhibitions and science displays to outlying areas of our community since 2012. It is important that every learner in our community be given the opportunity to experience cultural activities and education and no student should be left out of the wonderful experiences our museums have to offer simply because of logistical or financial constraints.

Roxanne Thomas is the CMA Museum Curator.