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Saturday October 20, 2018
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The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) Medical Convener, Dr Jeremy Boulter has issued the medical statistics for the 2018 Comrades Marathon. Boulter says, “From a medical point of view, we once again had a successful Comrades. 564 patients came through Triage, 376 into the medical area and 188 went to St. Johns.”

Boulter says, “This represents roughly 3% of the field coming to the medical facility and 2% requiring the attention of the doctors, which is well within the norm. Weather conditions were perfect and this would have played a big part in the fact that we had a ‘normal’ day. In fact, we were not really busy until about 4:45pm, when things became a bit hectic.”

Boulter said the main problem was dehydration and exhaustion. The ICU section treated one patient who had had a heart attack and 2 people with chest pain and possible heart attacks. These were both found to be negative. One of these was a lady who had had a viral Gastro-enteritis shortly before the race.

The ICU also had 3 patients suffering from Hyperthermia, a bit surprising considering the mild weather, but there are other factors involved in Hyperthermia.

The hospitals received 86 patients. St. Anne’s had 4 while St. Augustine’s had 70 and Umhlanga a total of 12. They comprised 53 from the medical facility and 33 direct from the route. The majority were discharged by the next morning. 4 Cardiac patients and 3 with Kidney problems remained. One of these eventually required Renal Dialysis, but has since made a full recovery.

Boulter has thanked all medical personnel, volunteers, sponsors and service providers for being of service to the runners, saying, “We simply cannot fulfil this service to the athletes without the support of our dedicated volunteers, sponsors and service providers.”